Mario Del Grosso

Harpsichordist and instrument builder

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Flemish Harpsichord copy of Ruckers

Rose from soundboard

Spinetta ad ala or Cembalo traverso 1600 ca.

Mario Del Grosso - build Flemish, French and Italian harpsichords, spinets, and fortepianos copies of prestigious historical instruments presently conserved in museums and private collections the world over. These instruments are born of and reflect a direct musical experience, uniting the quality of outstanding materials (red spruce from Val di Fiemme, linden wood from Slavonia, Tuscan cypress wood: and meticulously seasoned) and the respect of the most rigorous historical criteria, thank to a workshop equipped with the most sophisticated implements in order to enable precise and accurate construction techniques. Numerous musicians and afficionados visit our instrument - making facilities and participate in courses on maintenance, voicing, tuning and stringing of historical keyboard instruments. Our workshop is also proud of its collaboration with experienced decorators and painters, expertly designing the aesthetic side of each instrument (decorated soundboard, with tempered colours, covers embellished with oil paintings, etc.) perpetuating a centuries-old tradition of co-operation between artists and instrument builders, as exemplified by Ruckers and Rubens.These historical keyboard instruments thus relive their antique splendour and interpretative beauty, restoring authentic magnificence to the works of over three centuries of great composers, from, Frescobaldi to Monteverdi, from Bach to Handel, from Couperin to Rameau, from Haydn to Mozart, and many others who produced in their musical epoch such a vast wealth of masterpieces. Early music really does merit an instrument worthy of its art.